brashly impertinent o simplemente descarado

Every Day we see mediocre media manipulation of imbecile dictatorships . Seems that i am in the “Valley of the Clueless” again. History repeats it self because history it self comes without any Memory. Historical memory is defined by the Human winners and their capability or motivation to record and document their victories.  When bad things start over again in a society ,  nobody will take note of it because the record about how it started in other places and other ages has been deleted or very well hidden . thats why every time you loose a battle in your live , write it down and try to memories the first signes of geting defeated . you will learn from them and be able to change and win the next time ! nothing is more satisfying as a victory by design! it isnt he money those people seem to crave for but it is indeed their desire to win but even more , they analyse their setbacks always asking first “what I have done wrong” . winners are smart loosers , thats the only diference !


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