today i thought , just for fun and completely theoretically , that it would be very interesting to prohibit brands and see if we still would be able to identify something as good or bad quality.
Who has doubts about the engineering excellence of Volvo or Suunto Nautical instruments  , the smooth and stable quality of Apple Laptops , Golf clubs of Mizuno or Outdoor wear of Deuter .We love to identify our self with the high standards this companies put them self’s up for .We believe that some of its brilliance and success will fade to the properties of our own lives by buying their products and let them manage tasks in our lives in their brand-own brilliant way.
“did you see how elegant you can install the new OS “
In fact nobody cares and understands about the content of the new OS or what is it good for , just that it is fast and elegant to install it .

We are the brain cells of a company’s identity , we think for them , we do the dirty work for the development of their egos . We could make them break if we don’t work properly .But we don’t want to because without identity we are nothing really .
It doesn’t matter if we are consumers of their product or employees getting a salary from them . Either way , we are the mechanism , the infrastructure of their empty crown .Without us they are just a base interest motive by itself without any direction or Plan or even basic organization such as in molecule , no . Just empty pretension of some egos .I hope we all know this today otherwise there is no further speaking and i ask you to stop reading right here .
Now , why exactly is this relationship  we have with our high quality brands so sick .
It is Sick because we consider the choice of what brand we buy as an expression of freedom , actually yes ,we believe it is the very freedom of expression its self – crazy .But buying something which you think fits to your personality or needs , is not freedom of expression. .Freedom of expression is for example when i say the following sentence and legally nobody is allowed to panelise me for it.“ Germans are to honest do be kind , British are to kind to be honest but Spanish are too afraid to be honest and to Catholic to be kind .” that is just an example of freedom of expression .
We know that we are seamless bonded to our high quality brands either because we work for them or buy their products . The companies are the institutions of today which provide identity and meaning for many aspects of our live . We want to express that we care about our ecosystem ? . Brands offer us hundreds of ways how to do so , with buying a simple product we do an important statements about our personality . This is the way how we did create an inseparable union between the brand and our identity , We allowed the trademark to become part of our identity with easy and cheap statements about some aspect of live we care about , but we were not required to develop that statement with our own thoughts , we just have bought something which fits mostly  to what we wanted to express . It was easy and we didn’t have to think too much ……We took a drag and we became hooked to it……
We require now every time more satisfying identity statements to buy , because , of course , we need to “develop our self’s “ . Changing the Brand of consumable product suddenly becomes a Risk ! A Risk of losing identity !

Slowly our society was in a way conditioned that we don’t even believe in brands anymore , recently , everybody has to be and live their own Brand , sell itself as best as possible to the whole world , develop “market strategies” and “key performance indicator” for an average of 72 years of live .
We are about to lose our identity completely by copying the “ego focused” way of our favorite companies and adopt it to our private and creative live . We therefore will become the empty crown and the working cells in one and be able to sell identity to our self .That is the Moment when our head will explode like an egg in the microwave . In addition , i believe that it would provoke a huge wave of indignation by most citizens to prohibit commercial Brands and trademarks .
it would be interpreted like a violation of “the basic right to buy whatever i want to”
Absurd isn’t it , yeah , there is no such thing as a “basic right to buy”. And buying whatever we want  has , we all now understand , nothing to do with freedom of expression and also absolutely nothing with liberty !
Today i thought , just for fun and completely theoretically , that it would be very interesting to prohibit brands and see if we still would be able to identify something as good or bad quality.
The reality is , we are not .


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