Most of the people are not able to se a bloody thing even if it is right in front of their eyes.
This is because they have outsourced their imagination and empathy to institutions such as news , media , comercials , church or political parties .Opinion and meaning is gadered by external providers , This reduces the risc make mistake and be accountable for what you do and say  .If they turn out to be wrong you change them as you do change your cell phone contract. Today it is Yoga and tmorow it might be anarchy what fits most to your current “needs” .
The need for an own opinion  to survive in live has wanished centuries ago .We trust others to evaulate live and make important descitions in our behalf , This relieves individual failure from our responibilities and creates the impresion that other have to pay for wrong decitions we made based on suggestions from insitutions and/or industry . This caused that People who switches their brains off , buying a half million-euro-flat having two kids and no job and no profesional education are not aware of he bg mistake they did signing with the bank . They stil believe that the gouverment should have proctected them from such a fraud and that the bank shouldnt  have saled them this madness .
This is a fact nobody can negate , however , it sounds not right to say that , but the powerfull and susccesfull people in our world are the ones who have not given up there human instinct and imagination .They seem to not trust in solution providers such as the church , states or banks . They give them monay to leave them alone and be a free desiding individual .
All the other seem to have no choice as outsource their empathy to moralistic insitutions . or have they ?


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