Big Data – Big Mess

People moving on so fast with everything, trying to pick up with the media news speed, imposible…whatsapp notifying all day long, live your life, travel, love, learn, make your thing but don’t stop because you will be in the way of others. Cambridge analytica, you really won this race. Individualised audience targeting base on big data points. Your business is brilliant next level cynicism. People changing every day topics that are important to them. Individualised audience targeting puts a commercial mirror in front of each person and turns understanding and reasoning in a needless activity. People today develop their ideology based on totalitarian methods of persuasion via social media. Individualised audience targeting based on the ocean system is the final dead of freedom and used for the most sophisticated dictatorship i have ever seen. Forced peace based on an individualised argument for each user. A down to each individual divided society contains no threat whatsoever to the powerful, The worse is, people love it. People love to be in this meaningless prison of work and consume because they have not to care about anything but themselves. They are throughed back to themselves in this circle of earning money and spending money. People are busy with self optimisation, finding themselves, creating a new self awareness, doing selfies, searching for the deep true self and believe, with only if behave good themselves, the world should change to the good automatically if anybody does the same. This is the strongest mistake of all because if we don’t judge anymore what others do and only look at ourselves we have no reference whatsoever what’s right and what’s wrong in our social context. This is where Individualised audience targeting in political propaganda makes its deal. Selfish people that are not able to put themselves in a cultural context, I have friends that told me in 1999 that globalisation and individualisation at the same time is the future we should aim for. Back then the argument was “imagen 6 billion people and 6 billion different job profiles, wouldn’t that be great” Today we have global control over each individual. But no individual has global rights.


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