Big Data – Big Mess

People moving on so fast with everything, trying to pick up with the media news speed, imposible…whatsapp notifying all day long, live your life, travel, love, learn, make your thing but don’t stop because you will be in the way of others. Cambridge analytica, you really won this race. Individualised audience targeting base on big data points. Your business is brilliant next level cynicism. People changing every day topics that are important to them. Individualised audience targeting puts a commercial mirror in front of each person and turns understanding and reasoning in a needless activity. People today develop their ideology based on totalitarian methods of persuasion via social media. Individualised audience targeting based on the ocean system is the final dead of freedom and used for the most sophisticated dictatorship i have ever seen. Forced peace based on an individualised argument for each user. A down to each individual divided society contains no threat whatsoever to the powerful, The worse is, people love it. People love to be in this meaningless prison of work and consume because they have not to care about anything but themselves. They are throughed back to themselves in this circle of earning money and spending money. People are busy with self optimisation, finding themselves, creating a new self awareness, doing selfies, searching for the deep true self and believe, with only if behave good themselves, the world should change to the good automatically if anybody does the same. This is the strongest mistake of all because if we don’t judge anymore what others do and only look at ourselves we have no reference whatsoever what’s right and what’s wrong in our social context. This is where Individualised audience targeting in political propaganda makes its deal. Selfish people that are not able to put themselves in a cultural context, I have friends that told me in 1999 that globalisation and individualisation at the same time is the future we should aim for. Back then the argument was “imagen 6 billion people and 6 billion different job profiles, wouldn’t that be great” Today we have global control over each individual. But no individual has global rights.


enlightened society

The worst cynicism of our liberal and enlightened society is when they say to you:

“How could you possibly fail, you had every opportunity and live is full of options and possibilities”

and so i think …

Peace worth nothing if its based on fear.
Freedom becomes a prison when you can buy it.
Choice is a burden when having it becomes an obsession.


Most of the people are not able to se a bloody thing even if it is right in front of their eyes.
This is because they have outsourced their imagination and empathy to institutions such as news , media , comercials , church or political parties .Opinion and meaning is gadered by external providers , This reduces the risc make mistake and be accountable for what you do and say  .If they turn out to be wrong you change them as you do change your cell phone contract. Today it is Yoga and tmorow it might be anarchy what fits most to your current “needs” .
The need for an own opinion  to survive in live has wanished centuries ago .We trust others to evaulate live and make important descitions in our behalf , This relieves individual failure from our responibilities and creates the impresion that other have to pay for wrong decitions we made based on suggestions from insitutions and/or industry . This caused that People who switches their brains off , buying a half million-euro-flat having two kids and no job and no profesional education are not aware of he bg mistake they did signing with the bank . They stil believe that the gouverment should have proctected them from such a fraud and that the bank shouldnt  have saled them this madness .
This is a fact nobody can negate , however , it sounds not right to say that , but the powerfull and susccesfull people in our world are the ones who have not given up there human instinct and imagination .They seem to not trust in solution providers such as the church , states or banks . They give them monay to leave them alone and be a free desiding individual .
All the other seem to have no choice as outsource their empathy to moralistic insitutions . or have they ?

The new old method

brainwash works best with music , good food , entertainment and the promise for protection , health and wealth . But only if you join the battle …say one critical word about food , music , behavoir or opinions and you are instantly declaired as enemy . In fact every dictatorship in the first stages grows stronger with every critic it recieves . similar to the dynamics of a black hole .. later it colapses due to its own wight and stupidity


today i thought , just for fun and completely theoretically , that it would be very interesting to prohibit brands and see if we still would be able to identify something as good or bad quality.
Who has doubts about the engineering excellence of Volvo or Suunto Nautical instruments  , the smooth and stable quality of Apple Laptops , Golf clubs of Mizuno or Outdoor wear of Deuter .We love to identify our self with the high standards this companies put them self’s up for .We believe that some of its brilliance and success will fade to the properties of our own lives by buying their products and let them manage tasks in our lives in their brand-own brilliant way.
“did you see how elegant you can install the new OS “
In fact nobody cares and understands about the content of the new OS or what is it good for , just that it is fast and elegant to install it .

We are the brain cells of a company’s identity , we think for them , we do the dirty work for the development of their egos . We could make them break if we don’t work properly .But we don’t want to because without identity we are nothing really .
It doesn’t matter if we are consumers of their product or employees getting a salary from them . Either way , we are the mechanism , the infrastructure of their empty crown .Without us they are just a base interest motive by itself without any direction or Plan or even basic organization such as in molecule , no . Just empty pretension of some egos .I hope we all know this today otherwise there is no further speaking and i ask you to stop reading right here .
Now , why exactly is this relationship  we have with our high quality brands so sick .
It is Sick because we consider the choice of what brand we buy as an expression of freedom , actually yes ,we believe it is the very freedom of expression its self – crazy .But buying something which you think fits to your personality or needs , is not freedom of expression. .Freedom of expression is for example when i say the following sentence and legally nobody is allowed to panelise me for it.“ Germans are to honest do be kind , British are to kind to be honest but Spanish are too afraid to be honest and to Catholic to be kind .” that is just an example of freedom of expression .
We know that we are seamless bonded to our high quality brands either because we work for them or buy their products . The companies are the institutions of today which provide identity and meaning for many aspects of our live . We want to express that we care about our ecosystem ? . Brands offer us hundreds of ways how to do so , with buying a simple product we do an important statements about our personality . This is the way how we did create an inseparable union between the brand and our identity , We allowed the trademark to become part of our identity with easy and cheap statements about some aspect of live we care about , but we were not required to develop that statement with our own thoughts , we just have bought something which fits mostly  to what we wanted to express . It was easy and we didn’t have to think too much ……We took a drag and we became hooked to it……
We require now every time more satisfying identity statements to buy , because , of course , we need to “develop our self’s “ . Changing the Brand of consumable product suddenly becomes a Risk ! A Risk of losing identity !

Slowly our society was in a way conditioned that we don’t even believe in brands anymore , recently , everybody has to be and live their own Brand , sell itself as best as possible to the whole world , develop “market strategies” and “key performance indicator” for an average of 72 years of live .
We are about to lose our identity completely by copying the “ego focused” way of our favorite companies and adopt it to our private and creative live . We therefore will become the empty crown and the working cells in one and be able to sell identity to our self .That is the Moment when our head will explode like an egg in the microwave . In addition , i believe that it would provoke a huge wave of indignation by most citizens to prohibit commercial Brands and trademarks .
it would be interpreted like a violation of “the basic right to buy whatever i want to”
Absurd isn’t it , yeah , there is no such thing as a “basic right to buy”. And buying whatever we want  has , we all now understand , nothing to do with freedom of expression and also absolutely nothing with liberty !
Today i thought , just for fun and completely theoretically , that it would be very interesting to prohibit brands and see if we still would be able to identify something as good or bad quality.
The reality is , we are not .


EBM  is what i liked with 15. Today, knowing myself a bit better, i wonder why i went later with the nice and cool people (techno) instead of staying with the ugly and crazy guys (EBM, Industrial ) Because the one-eyed is king in a land of blinds. But being king is very boring. We all made this choice at one point in our lives. Today i am happy to be cool and nice because being ugly and crazy is very hard to deal with.