why is food always so important for cultural identity ….?

because a dish is a statement , a rather authentic and simple way to get a subject-matter on the table and develop a opinion about roots and future…


Big Data – Big Mess

People moving on so fast with everything, trying to pick up with the media news speed, imposible…whatsapp notifying all day long, live your life, travel, love, learn, make your thing but don’t stop because you will be in the way of others. Cambridge analytica, you really won this race. Individualised audience targeting base on big data points. Your business is brilliant next level cynicism. People changing every day topics that are important to them. Individualised audience targeting puts a commercial mirror in front of each person and turns understanding and reasoning in a needless activity. People today develop their ideology based on totalitarian methods of persuasion via social media. Individualised audience targeting based on the ocean system is the final dead of freedom and used for the most sophisticated dictatorship i have ever seen. Forced peace based on an individualised argument for each user. A down to each individual divided society contains no threat whatsoever to the powerful, The worse is, people love it. People love to be in this meaningless prison of work and consume because they have not to care about anything but themselves. They are throughed back to themselves in this circle of earning money and spending money. People are busy with self optimisation, finding themselves, creating a new self awareness, doing selfies, searching for the deep true self and believe, with only if behave good themselves, the world should change to the good automatically if anybody does the same. This is the strongest mistake of all because if we don’t judge anymore what others do and only look at ourselves we have no reference whatsoever what’s right and what’s wrong in our social context. This is where Individualised audience targeting in political propaganda makes its deal. Selfish people that are not able to put themselves in a cultural context, I have friends that told me in 1999 that globalisation and individualisation at the same time is the future we should aim for. Back then the argument was “imagen 6 billion people and 6 billion different job profiles, wouldn’t that be great” Today we have global control over each individual. But no individual has global rights.

apple trees are smarter than us…?

If our goal is to just survive and keep the species going, than ego creating the illusion that makes people think they can rule over any other part of the world by buying this part is an error.  It is not possible to own anything because we are all a little part of this world too. Show me an Apple who wants to own a tree. Those people  seem not aware of the undeniable fact that we will all die and be eaten some day. This people behave as if they will live forever. The individual consciousness or “the self” is really the biggest mistake evolution ever has made. It’s like a software bug no one can solve because the source code is to old and large to check all existing versions and identify where or when it has gone wrong. People say they have to accumulate wealth for future generations, but isn’t it what they really intend actually make them immortal in same way? Building itself a heritage where they can contemplate every morning and watch their growing material richness while there ego grows with it. People want to “leave a trace on this world,” Why? Databases will erase, books will rot, houses will waste, cars will rust and someday the earth will crash into the sun. Why don’t we apply all our energy to become one big, sweet and tasty mature apple before dying. Enjoying sun and rain and hanging and growing on a healthy big juicy tree that provides for all apples on it. No, we have to start bypass and redirect the nutritional channels that flow up the tree and regardless of any negative consequences for the other apples we want all the water and minerals for us. We are not aware that if we grow to big , the tree will let us fall down before becoming sweet and mature because we weigh to much for the limb we are hanging on. And so each apple is trying to get bigger before time and finally the tree will have just a few enormes apples. All water channels that flow up the tree are trunked into hugh pipelines and the rest of the tree is slowly dying. Just a few big nutritional channels for some big apples that hang on very few very strong limbs where there is no place for any more apples. Finally humanity will fall down like one of this big apples, immature, big and ugly, overweight and rotten from the inside because it hang far to long on the strong single limb, if we don’t start now to behave like we are one of many many apples on the tree ( and yes some of us will have less sun hours per day) then things will get very ugly very soon. We can repair this error without empirical research we just have to follow nature’s rules again and think and aim to be able to suppress and outrun all other things on this globus. it’s not nature to get bigger than everybody. Nature is: to get just as big as it is necessary to be the most useful in the context to anything else. Culture however is trying to suggest that there is something more than the aim to be in balance with anything else. Economics is not what bankers do with numbers. Economics is what nature does depending  if it is in a phase of creating or dying. Maybe there is no goal and no intention whatsoever, just an immanent quantum mechanical trend of balancing creation and distribution.  The concept of infinity of growth is the fairy tail that people believe in whom never have experienced the breath dead in their lives or just those who are not able to emotionally cope with the matter fact of the irreversible flow of life. “Panta Rei”



Catalanes y la Sangre que los separó

em dic Josep Malagarriga Puigromí
Tinc 35 anys i treballo en un buffet d´advocats.
Soc un català digne perquè :

Parlo amb xarnegos però els miro amb despreci.
La meva casa me la pago jo però els interessos de l´hipoteca els meus pares
Em rento la roba també però els meus pares em recomanen la marca de sabó i programa segons escaigui el color de roba.
M´agrada la música electrònica i els projectes multimedia però només si estan fets amb MAC configurat a la meva llengua
No menjo paella perquè és valenciana.
M´agrada Alemanya pel seu ordre i neteja.
Kilian Jornet ha guanyat moltes ultra trails.
et cetera …

un nacionalista catalan a nivel microsociológico  y la prueba de que la Humildad es la peor forma de la Vanidad.

Yo intiendo que nadie quiere hacer tratos a base de chantaje emocional.
Los catalanes , si realmente desean salir con la suya , tienen que aprender ser mas transparentes y rectilíneos, en fin ser menos españoles.
30 Años de negociaciones suaves a convenir y sin Fruto ahora han girado en despotismo y propaganda nacionalista de la fea.
Los Populachos del Bar de la esquina sueltan muchas barbaridades de poco razonamiento pero con mucho odio.
Tengo miedo que si cataluña logra ser intependiente habra dos clases de personas . los que se llaman Puig o Bosch de apellido y los de mas .
No solo dos clases a nivel burocrática en las carpetas de los ayuntamientos sino tambien dos clases a nivel interpersonal.
El trato de unos a otros será muy controlado segun el origen de una persona . ya es asi y lo será mas.
cataluña , en su pasado , ha lucido sobre todo con deciciones reactivos y a convenir sin mucho propio Impulso al igual como es el caracter señorito madrileño y la Manola chorizito.
Yo soy aleman y estoy a favor de la indepencia catalana porque podria ser algo muy nuevo in la Pluralidad oxidental de Europa.
Pero estoy en contra de resoluciónes radicales y demagogicos como se estan ejecuntando en el Govierno catalan ahora.
creo que lo que mas va costar en el camino de cataluña es reconocer que su comportamiento , su caracter y su ser es demasiado español
Aqui , ll bien commun es un concepto que queda por descubrir , experimentar y ejecutar en una Sociedad tan profundamente católica , romana y opaca.

por cierto …

tengo mi vida aqui pero no me dejais votar.
os deseo francamente mucha suerte .