The video installation “Bel Air” shows the power struggle of four men (all played by German actor Christoph Bach) during a road trip through the Everglades National Park.

“Through video and photography, the work of Niklas Goldbach potentially multiplies to infinity the identity of the individual, who is reproduced and made uniform in a curious form of standardization, participating in space and revealing natural and socio-political aspects which are normally hard to descern.Goldbach expresses the theme of the power of the individual in his relationship not just with things, but with his image too. With a dose of irony he effects a multiplication of equality in order to represent the standardization that affects present-day society.
This theme is present in his video “Bel Air”: the video takes us on an inner journey, on a real trip by car through the deserted landscape of the Everglades National Park near Miami, in which actor Christoph Bach plays the part of four different characters who represent the roles and power games that take place in human behaviour. In this story, the idea of standardization of the individual is taken to the point where a man becomes yet another object and element to be observed by himself.”

Exhibition Text “Click or Clash? Strategies of Collaboration. Second Stage” Galleria Bianconi, Milano, Italy.
Curated by Julia Draganovic and Elena Forin

With: Christoph Bach
Assistance: Viktor Neumann
Light: Mirko Fricke
Camera Assistence: Stefan Zeyen
Make-Up: Mel Willmann
Sound Design: Christian Obermaier

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